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Baba Nyonya Art & Cultural Group

Baba Nyonya Art & Cultural Group


Malacca, Nyonya culture birth place, is the most complete Zheng He culture being preserved. Rich in history culture, the Malacca has become a world-renowned tourist destination with thousands of visitors from around the world traveled to Malacca to feel the charm of this World Heritage location.

The city of Malacca has a 600 years of history behind it. It contains many generations of different ethnics and nationals. Nyonya culture is on the basis of the birth, the development and the cultural heritage. It has became the classical traditional representatives of Malacca. New era, new personnel, new look, changes of times, people and things, but the true depths of the human heart for humanity, goodness and beauty of relentless pursuit remains the same. It knows no boundaries, regardless of race.

Long ago, a China man crossed the ocean to Malaya Island to make a living. Soon it encountered the monsoon, the vessel he boarded cannot return home to China. The man was forced to remain in that strange land to wait out the storm. While waiting for the monsoon to past over, the loneliness caused him to fall in love with a local girl. They got married, and produced the next generation. Their children, the men were called Babas, the women called Nyonyas. Hence, derived the unique Baba Nyonya culture. Today we want to re-pack the Baba Nyonya culture, distribute and bring forward to the majority, making it more attractive. We are based in Malacca, but want to make it available to the world.
We aim:

  1. To make Malacca tourism more colorful and more cultural atmospheric
  2. To promote Nyonya culture as attraction for more tourists to Malacca
  3. To make people have in-depth understanding of the history and development of Malacca and Nyonya culture

To do this, we made special collaboration with Malacca Peranakan Association and set up a Baba Nyonya Culture and Arts Troupe. It professionally composed of Baba Nyonya traditional dances, songs and art. It will be in the form of theatrical performances, with exquisite traditional Baba Nyonya wedding as the main content of the show. It is also to make audience love and understand Baba Nyonya culture by watching the program and further making them understand Malacca. This will enhance Malacca tourism city value and branding, giving tourists a great and enriching time in Malacca.