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Baba Nyonya Art & Cultural Group

Baba Nyonya Art & Cultural Group


House of Illusion (HOI) features a handful of rare, original, jaw-dropping and award-winning illusion performances from around the world. We will be taking you to a magical journey of mystery, drama, romance, action, love, comedy, as well as surprises and thrills. You will witness the world’s most spectacular seemingly impossible acts. Experience a magical journey with outstandingly designed audio and visual effects to ensure a mystical and mesmerizing show.

The show is produced with the elements of illusion, magic and theatrical art. Our showcase features a range of world class magic illusions designed into a spectacular live show such as levitation, appearances and vanishes, escapes, body splitting, transformation, metamorphosis, penetration act, sleight of hand and beautiful dancers, amongst others.

Our magnificent spectacle of ˋliveˊ magical illusions can be enjoyed by 280 people at one time. Free ample car park space for all, including coaches and tour buses!

Prepare to be amazed by our spellbinding splendour of magic galore! Definitely a MUST-SEE SHOW!